انشاءات اللغة الانكليزية للصف السادس اعدادي كاملة

انشاءات اللغة الانكليزية للصف السادس اعدادي كاملة

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Cigarette advertising should be illegal
 Smoking is harmful. Both smokers and passive smokers are badly affected by smoking. They might get sick or even die because of that bad and dangerous habit. Therefore, advertisements that encourage should be forbidden. They are everywhere and people, including children and teenagers, can see them in magazines, newspapers and public places. They always show important or famous people smoke and that gives a message as if smoking was the way to success or fame. They do not refer to the dangerous of smoking. Young people are easily affected by those advertisements. Nowadays, smoking is so common among young people that it has become a serious problem. Solutions should be found to get rid of that deadly enemy.

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الوحدة الثانية
Advice on getting to the interview
 Advice on the interview : what to wear . what to say . etc
I have met your brother salam yesterday and he told me that you are applying for a job as a security gourd. He said you are meeting of a manager company security tomorrow morning at 9:00 . I am write to tell you that . I wish you could get the job it is perfect for you.
 I would like you to give you suggestion and ideas you may need. I think you should take a taxi to the company and it is a good idea to be there ten minutes earlier so as not to be late to the interview . you should tell the receptionist about your interview . so that he can instruct you what to do.
 Concerning the interview . personally . you should wear a black suit with a red tie to look neat and formal. You should not forget to have a notebook with a pen to write any note or information during the interview. It is essential to know the name of the interviewer and you should make eye contact with him. This will give him a good impression about you. Think before answering. You should be alert. Smart and confidant. You should not be worried and try to be relax
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انشاء الوحدة الثالثة
Advantages of studying English in Britain
 If you decided to study English in Britain. You will get probably have many advantages. First , you can hear people speaking English all day in many different situations. Then , you will lots of opportunities to practice speaking. Especially if you decided stay with a British family because you are live with them. Eat with them , watch TV and films and listen to radio. After that you and the others will discuss , comment and give opinions. Of course . you may be shy or scared at the beginning of you stay. But that will encourage you to speak fluently and will help you to read you the English newspaper. Advertisement and notices . when you go out in the street , colleges , parks , and when you do shopping , you will observe the British way of life. You will like that and possibly stay with a British family .
الرابعة P 77
Dear Sarmad
 I wish you fine and very well. I want to tell you that I and my brother saad set up our own company last July. It is called Al-shams-cosmetics. I am the technical manager of the production is and my brother saad does all the marketing.We invested a lot of money in the business. So we are not yet making a profit. But sales are very good. We are exporting a lot of cosmetics to Jordan Kuwait. And Oman . we see the future looks very bright.Three months age we want to Bahrain and UAE to signee some contrast with famous companies and stores there.Let s keep in touch, come and stay with us whenever you like.
Lots of love Kamal
الرابعه P 84
يوم سيء حقيقي حيث جرى كل شيء بشكل خاطيء
A really bad day out where everything went wrong Dear Salam
 I had a temible day last Saturday. I wish I had stayed in bed then all this would not have happened. I think it was on Frida when some of my friends phoned me and asked what I was going to do the next day. On Saturday I have my tennis training in the morning and then I have free time. So we decided that we could go to al-saadon St. and visit the cinema. I looked onto the webpage of the cinema and chose the film called (Mission impossible 4) it started at 2 o clock p.m. we met at 1 o clock p.m. at the bus station. But our bus had a delay and when we came to Al-Saadon St. we realized that we were too late. I was sad because I really wanted to watch this film. We decided to go back and watch the football match and when we were going back. The bus had a puncture. Our way back took about one and half hour. When we sat on the football stadium and the match started. The weather had suddenly changed and it started to rain a lot. I think that it was a day. When everything went wrong . I was really looking forward to this weekend but I did not enjoy it. I think that I should have stayed at home and watched TV.

P 116
A wonderful holiday I have had Or advice to tourist in Iraq A wonderful holiday I have had
 After my hard and busy school year my summer holidays began. I felt happy and began to plan a lot of wonderful things to do during my summer vacation.I was dreaming about south countries I always wanted to visit but I had to go to the Alexandria seaside with my relatives. The water was very warm there. What I liked there- a lot of different kinds of entertainment there " water mountains " . water scooters and other water sports.There was nothing to do all day except lying in the sun and getting a wonderful tan. I was playing with my little sister on the sand and in the waves teaching her to swim.Later I spent some time going out with my friends. Listening to music , watching TV , playing computer games , after that I went to the sports camp where I spent seven days.It was very useful e experience because I had to get up very early. To train a lot , and to rest very little. But it made me stronger and healthier. During my summer holiday I made many friends. Got to know a lot of useful things. Now I feel ready to get back to school.I am happy to meet my friends and teachers.

الوحدة السادسة P 144
Dear banker
 I would like to inform you that I opened my account three months ago in your bank. However . yesterday I went to the bank to check my account balance but I noticed money has been withdraw from my account although I did not withdraw using my automated teller machine. I have enclose my ATM receipt and my passbook statement and other required details along with this application and I hope my complain will be resolved soon . Thank you .AhmedOrRear banker
 This letter is to confirm you of a problem that I have got today. I am writing to complain about a withdrawal shorn on my statement that I did not make and puzzled me. How couldn t be it is a great mistake. But definitely it will be taken core of immediately .Please find a solution for it and let me know soon . Thank you for your help.
yours sincerelyy

P 1699الوحدة السابعة
Studying while you are working is worth all the hard workk
 Studying is an important period of life . education obtained at the university is a crucial element in providing yourself suitable future . although education is free . studying may be expensive . some of the students have to work and earn money on their own . It is often caused by financial problems working and studying at the same time is hard because of harming education . stress and on free time .
 Working may affect academic studies . the main purpose of studying is to focus on getting scientific knowledge which will help in student s further job so if a student wants to receive enough education . he should spend all his time on studying . working several hours student whoa day consumes a lot of time and energy so student who comes back home after his classes and work cannot be fully concentrated on gaining new knowledge . lack of time and tiredness after work makes . that student cannot assimilate all the knowledge that he needs for his next classes . the only things he is thinking about is to rest . limiting time spent on studying may cause getting bad marks and not passing important exams which can weight against student s future .
 All the duties they have to execute at work and classes that they have to get ready to . are hard to reconcile however . studying while working is still worth all the hard work .

انشاء الوحدة الثامنة P 184
About ways people can help to Improve the environment
The Earth faces numerous environmental crises caused by pollution and other impacts from human beings . Here are suggestions for steps people might consider to help improve the environment People can make ecological awareness part of our social fabric and culture . the more we learn about the complex relationships between living things and their environment . the better .Instead of driving a car . one can walk or ride a bicycle to the school . grocery store . or anywhere else . if the destination is too far . consider of the public transport the traditional gasoline car is the worst polluter For recycle . many household items . including aluminum cans . paper . plastic bottles batteries . steel containers . and much more People also can use renewable energy sources such as wind . sun and geothermal rather than nonrenewable such as oil and natural gas . we have to minimize our use of toxic chemicals and use them with case they tend to end up in the ground water.

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