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Welcome to the University of Missouri 2015-2016 catalog! We are pleased to provide an interactive and searchable catalog online.

The catalog is a comprehensive reference for your academic studies. It includes a list of all degree programs offered at MU, including bachelors, masters, specialists, doctorates, minors, certificates, and emphasis areas. It details the university wide requirements, the curricular requirements for each program, and in some cases provides a sample plan of study. The catalog includes a complete listing and description of approved courses. It also provides information on academic policies, contact information for supporting offices, and a complete listing of faculty members.

Information in the catalog is current as of May 2015. The next catalog will be published in May 2016. In the interim, new courses will be announced in myZou (MU's online student information system), and are usually available in October for the upcoming Spring semester, and in March for the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters. Mid year changes to current courses (titles, descriptions and credit hours) are not reflected here, and will only show in myZou. For more information about which year's edition of the catalog applies to whom and under what circumstances, go to Catalog Editions in the Academic Policies section.

Use the search box above, or click on the left hand menus to navigate through the catalog. There is also a PDF version available through the Print Options link above.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions to make this catalog better for the future. We would also appreciate reports of any broken links inside the catalog. Feedback may be provided by sending an email to

Brenda Selman
University Registrar

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