Google explains Nexus 5X pictures are upside down

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Google explains Nexus 5X pictures are upside down

 you might be wondering why some of the images you take aren't the right way up.
According to Talvala, the image sensor inside the Nexus 5X was installed in a different orientation (landscape) to make the wires fit. As a consequence, Google had to tweak thesoftware to ensure that your snaps wouldn't display upside down. Unfortunately, plenty of third-party apps didn't bother to update to the firm's latest imaging APIs, and as such all of the pictures that you take with them are all screwy.

, if you find that your pictures are all topsy-turvy, you don't need to drag your phone down to the shop for a fix. Google is already asking creators of any apps that are yet to be updated to move over as quickly as possible. In addition, if you find the problem is persisting, you're asked to drop the developers a polite, loving, gentle email giving them a heads-up.


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