Yahoo highlights image and video search results for Firefox users

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Yahoo is adding more colors and visuals to its search results page, but only if you're using Firefox on a computer. Now, when you search for a public figure's name or a movie, you'll see a banner made of images and videos across the top of the page. Desktop search in general has taken other features from the mobile version: it now surfaces the most important information first, such as movie details from IMDB, theater tickets (which you can buy) from Fandango, and even Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews. The search engine has recently started returning Flickr photos, including your own (see image above), when you do an image search, as well. The new image and video banner's live for Windows, Mac and Linux users -- if you've never changed your default search option, simply type what you want to look up in Firefox's URL box -- though you'd have to be in the US to be able to enjoy it.



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